Lash Extensions

If you’ve tried false eyelashes before and have been disappointed with the results, we understand. Our affordable eyelash extensions are the best eyelash extensions available, and you will be amazed at how natural they feel, and how glamorous they make you look. A full set of luxury eyelash extensions takes approximately two hours to apply. For a re-lash (fill) it can take about one hour to complete. While you are getting your eyelash extensions The Seasons provides a soothing, spa environment to help each client feel relaxed and comfortable during the lash extension application process.

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Body Treatments and Facials

[ Comfort Zone ] represents a complete system of care for the skin, body, and soul. Our exclusive collection of products, treatments, and rituals have been created with an unwavering commitment to finding the most powerful ingredients and delivering the most effective results. We believe in working from the inside out and from the outside in to improve the human condition and treat the whole body. We seek to promote a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, based in science and strengthened by passion. Allow an extra 15 minutes for an unwinding foot soak preparing you for mental serenity.

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At least two weeks of hair growth is recommended for an even and clean wax. Waxing is not recommended if using any topical exfoliants containing vitamin A or alphahydroxy acid. They produce cell turnover by exfoliating the skin, at this time your skin is sensitive and left more vulnerable.

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Offering you a quiet place to unwind, I furnish my guests with a quiet space in which to relax and unfold in the spa. I blend Swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral, myofascial release, active engagement, and neuromuscular therapy techniques to provide caring therapeutic touch to my guests. Take the weight off your shoulders and unwind with a relaxing massage. Before your massage relax with a foot soak, sweet treat, and a drink of your choice in the spa transition room. Calm your mind before calming your body knowing that you are in caring trusted hands for your service. Available in 60 or 90 minute increments.

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The Seasons focuses on natural nail therapy, giving you the best treatment for your nails. Nurture your hands and feet with a relaxing treatment. The pedicure treatment is sure to relax and rest your tired soles. Regular and gel polish available.

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Spring life back into your hair with an incredible conditioning treatment, new color, or just a fresh cut here at the salon. All new color clients require a 15 minute consultation.

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Makeup Services are custom for each guest’s individual needs. Consults are encouraged for many of the services but only required for Specialty Makeup and Bridal Makeup.

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